The William & Mary School of Law has a long and vigorous tradition of research and education in all areas of the law, befitting its historic roots as the nation’s oldest law school. The William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review is a proud part of that tradition. The Review, a student-run legal journal, is devoted to the discussion of relevant and timely issues in environmental law and policy. It provides professionals, practitioners, and William & Mary law and policy students with a forum for the exploration of environmental law and policy issues through research, critical analysis, editing, and writing. The Review has successfully established itself as a journal specializing in the publication of professional and student articles on a wide range of environmental law topics. In the Washington & Lee University School of Law’s Law Journals: Submissions and Ranking for 2012, the Review was ranked as the top energy law journal in the nation and ranked among the top environmental, natural resource, and land use law journals in the nation (http://lawlib.wlu.edu/LJ/index.aspx).

The Review began in 1975 as a newsletter entitled Environmental Practice News and was published by the William & Mary Environmental Law Society. By 1990 the publication evolved into the William & Mary Journal of Environmental Law, a law journal with a national and international perspective in its coverage of environmental law issues. Most recently, the name was changed to the William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review to reflect an expanded vision of the publication’s mission. The focus of the Review is to provide a forum for professors, scholars, practitioners, and students to publish articles on current topics of environmental law and to examine in a more focused manner the policy implications behind the law. This focus and its quality reputation distinguish the Review from other environmental law publications and allow the Review to offer a broader scope of articles.

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