Why Join ELPR?

Wondering Which Law Journals to Apply For?

Here are a Few Reasons Why You Should Consider ELPR:

The Review began in 1975 as a newsletter titled Environmental Practice News and was published by the William and Mary Environmental Law Society. By 1990, the publication evolved into the William and Mary Journal of Environmental Law, a law journal with a national and international perspective in its coverage of environmental law issues.

The focus of the publication is to provide a forum for professors, scholars, practitioners, and students to publish articles on current topics of environmental law and to examine in a more focused manner the policy implications behind the law. This focus distinguishes the Review from other environmental law publications and allows the Review to offer a broader scope of articles.

  • We have a broad focus, which gives note writers a high degree of flexibility in choosing a topic based on a wide variety of legal and policy issues.
    • We publish articles and student notes relating to energy law, administrative law and regulations, public policy, issues of standing and federalism, as well as submissions dealing with business, sustainability, and industry to name a few.
  • We are the ranked First among Energy Law journals and are ranked in the Top 15 for Environmental, Natural Resource, and Land Use journals.
  • We publish three issues a year and approximately 7 student notes.
    • This provides a greater chance of publication for 2L staff.
  • We are the only journal that selects 2Ls for Board positions in the fall.
    • This allows 2L staff an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the publication process while attaining a leadership position that employers love to see.
  • We host a symposium each year that draws renowned speakers, professors, and scholars from around the country.
    • 2010′s symposium focused on Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards; 2009’s symposium focused on Green Building Initiatives.
    • Both were simultaneously live-blogged from our Web site, allowing Internet users to follow and participate in the events and discussion.
  • We are the only journal with an all-digital cite-check.

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